Bradford Dunlop


My fascination with photography started when I was a teenager. I believe it came out of a desire to express the things I was seeing and feeling in the world around me . It gave me the ability to capture those split seconds of time and hold on to them.

I went from the camera club in high school to studying photography at Ryerson in Toronto to spending 35 years working as a professional photographer, specializing in catalogue and advertising. All the time holding on to the wonder of both the world around me and the joy that photography can bring.

All though I spent my working life creating images for others, I never gave up the pleasure of going out and shooting for myself and trying to find the elusive perfect image that will define my vision of the world. I am glad to say that I haven’t found it yet, so I continue that search. On the way I have found some images that move me and bring me closer to the vision I am trying to achieve.

I like to use digital and film. I use natural and studio light. Whatever tools I use, they are simply a means to an end. It is only the image that really matters in the end.

Photography is not only my profession, it is my passion. Whether I am shooting for a client or for the sheer joy of it, I approach each situation with the same amount of dedication, hard work and wonder. I truly believe you can learn from every image you create no matter how run-of-the-mill a session may be. If you let yourself be open to what you are doing then the ability to create will always be with you.

Everyday, we are given the opportunity to look at the world anew and find something we have never seen before, or to see something familiar from a totally new perspective. For me photography helps to not only see in new ways but also to hold on to the beauty long after it is just a memory.